12 July: Sephora shared new video with Selena using Rare Beauty makeup

Sephora shared new video of Selena using new Eyeshadow Stick by Rare Beauty via their TikTok.

‘When @SelenaGomez says it’s eyeshadow stick summer… it’s eyeshadow stick summer 🙌🏽’

@sephora When @Selena Gomez says it’s eyeshadow stick summer...it’s eyeshadow stick summer 🙌🏽 The NEW @Rare Beauty All of the Above Weightless Eyeshadow Sticks are available now in 6 radiant shades—Selena wears Well-Being. #RareBeauty #SelenaGomez #EyeshadowStick ♬ original sound - sephora

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