Life Story

Selena Gomez was growing up charming baby and wise beyond her age. Her mom Mandy passionate girl with Italian roots, gave birth to a daughter when she was 16 years old, as she then thought because of big love. Been a teenager, Mandy forgot about study and career and rise daughter putting all her heart and soul. Her husband Ricardo Gomez from mexico, at first helped her wash diapers and read to little Selena fairy tales, but it wont last long, and when Selena turned five years old Mandy and Ricardo got divorced. There was few good things after Mandy and Ricardo broke up: they was living poor so they left Texas to try threir luck in Los Angeles. Selena’s mom Mandy which turned 21 on that moment, was unable to build her own career, she wanted to become an actress from her childhood, but in order to play successful roles Mandy would shift Selena’s upbringing on parents. But Mandy decided not do it and try make her dreams come true with Selena’s help.

Little Selena Gomez fully met the expectations of mom: she was such artistic and sociable girl! Selena easily adjust for life in Los Angeles and for hard laws of show business in which mom lead her. “I was growing up in little, quiet suburb, where all neighbors know each other names… When we moved, we felt clear contrast between province and big city, but quickly got used to” – tells Selena, which confesses that perfectly remember herself from 3 years. Even then mom taught together with her poetry and asked daughter perform in front of the guests. But which parents dont do the same to feel proud for the child? Right after move to California Selena’s mom took daughters hand tad took her to the movies, commercials and TV auditions, not missing a single proposal. Her youth, tenacity, Selena’s talent and agent’s work finally worked: Selena got role in children show Barney and Friends “I was so excited to stare there” -remember the actress. You can understand her excitement, because at the audition she met her future BFF Demi Lovato, which also got role in that show. “I remember we were stand in line to the audition and Demi asked if I can help with makeup… And from that moment we became best friends” smiling Selena. Caught the opportunity to stare on TV, young actress and her mom, confidently punched way to Hollywood. Already after two years after shooting in Barney and Friends Selena signed contract with Disney Channel, which became her one way ticket in show business.

Little roles in Disney’s TV series such as The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and Hannah Montana made Selena famous. She was growing up on TV screen and was happy about new roles just like students when they get good marks. “I dont go to school, but I have best friends. And really my life is not different from other teenagers” – tells Selena in an interview. When Selena was 14, her mom remarried and Gomez like any other child growing up without father, not immediately got used to with new step dad Brian. At first she didnt want to share her mom with him and got offended, when, mom instead to talk only about Selena’s business was giving more attention to Brian. “At some point I thought, that if Brian makes mom happy, so I should love him and stop getting offended”: Selena didnt come immediately to this decision but it was only right decision.

Now step dad became her best friend, which can easily resolve all problems between her and mom. That happened in 2008 when Selena Gomez was starring in TV series Wizards of Waverly Place, that time Selena fall in love for the first time, that hard that all surrounded world disappeared for her. Of course, Selena’s mom, remembering her sixteenths tried to stop daughter. Subject of her love was Nick Jonas already glorified his relationships with Miley Cyrus, ended not on a very pleasant note, and that sensitive and sweet Selena fell in love, could be not good for her… That problem between mom and daughter solved Brian: he took a neutral position and didn’t comment Selena’s choice, hoping, that time will show what is what.

Sorry but first Selena’s relationships was bad experience. Understanding that everyday Nick Jonas becoming more and more inattentive to her, the girl has been taken attempt by attempt to get back his interest. “I wanted to become his dream girl, starting from hairstyle and body shape and finishing by mold and interests” – remembering Gomez. Worthless efforts was developed so may complexes. Even success in career wasnt make Selena happy. After Nick broke up with Selena and started dating with Miley Cyrus again, on which, how turned out, he was missing all the time, Selena was completely down. If not her mom which forgave daughter and best friends Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift, Selena would be so upset after break up.

“I even couldn’t think about any relationships for a year. But that experience made me stronger.” – telling actress. She made up her own way how to fix a broken heart: instead to stay at home and cry better go out with friends and prove that you become even better. After break up with Nick, Selena remembered about her old obsession with music and by Taylor Swift’s advice, she expressed all her heart into songs which was put in album Kiss & Tell, which become gold.

Besides music career and constant shooting in movies, Selena didn’t lose her chance to go out with such hotties as Taylor Lautner and David Henrie…

Of course Nick Jonas was conquered by Selena’s success and took that she again started going to his concerts, as a hint, that she again wanna start dating him. For more it wont worked between him and Miley… But Selena, which wanted to turn into his dream girl, finally became herself and got confident with herself. Feelings for Nick which almost got Selena go crazy, now transformed into clearly friendships, and Selena decided not go in one river twice. And at the same time Selena did not lose faith in true love and in that one, because of who she will take off her purity ring. But now she traveled the half of the world with the tour in support of a new album, make charities and starring main role in new movie Monte Carlo – romantic comedy about three friends going on crazy trip in Paris. Cool for a girl which dont even turned 18. – I Love You magazine 2010.