12 July: Maria Canals-Barrera talks the audition process she did with Selena in the latest episode of WizardsPod

In the latest episode of Wizards Podcast, Maria Canals-Barrera revealed that she casted to play Selena Gomez’s mom in the pilot episode of a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ spin-off that did not get picked up.

Jennifer Stone & David DeLuise asked Maria about the audition process, and she shared that she previously did another Disney Channel pilot with Selena.

“It was the spin-off of Lizzie McGuire, and I was cast as her mom, and it did not get picked up, but they obviously believed and loved the star they found in Selena, and they put her in something else, which was The Amazing O’Malley’s,” Maria dished. “They brought me in to play her mom again. I did have to audition.”

By the way, ‘The Amazing O’Malley’s’ was the original name of ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’. The Lizzie spin-off was going to center on Selena as Stevie, the younger sister of LaLaine‘s character Miranda.

Source: www.justjaredjr.com

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