Revival is the new work from breathtaken pop music princess Selena Gomez.

That album is the continuation of the story which was started in 2009 after debut album Kiss & Tell was breaking the charts around the world.

For this time Selena coming back with completely new sound and also with new record label, this time she more confident, she’s stronger than ever, this album is improvement in all of her work, she ready to reach new life goals and take new highlights. For this record Selena wrote most of the songs by herself with the help of her friends Rock Mafia whichwrote Naturally in 2009, Hit-Boy, Max Martin, Stargate and Benny Blanco. Revival is setted to be the new sound track for everyone who love feel good and inspirational music.


October 9, 2015 — Worldwide




Selena Gomez, Danny D, Tim Blacksmith, Rock Mafia, Hit-Boy, Dubkiller, Benny Blanco, R3drum, Mattman & Robin, Max Martin, Stargate, Dreamlab, Nick Monson, Nolan Lambroza, ASAP Rocky, Delgado, Chris Braide, Steve Mac, Shane Stevens, Julia Michaels, Benjamin Rice, Felix Snow, Frank Dukes, Donkeyboy, Miles Walker




Interscoupe Records

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