17 November check out Selena’s message for the Latin Grammy’s

Check out Selena’s special video message for Latin Grammy’s!

“I’ve always felt my heart was in the right place when it came to the issues that mattered, but over the last several years I have taken the time to educate myself and understand that my voice does matter. All of our voices matter.”

“It does feel amazing but I think what really defines success is seeing how people connect to a song or a movie or a TV show. It might have a positive impact on someone’s life.”

“Everyone has this right to be seen and visibility and representation are vital to the process of articulating our identities.”

“To be included with these other women who continue to push boundaries means the world to me, as Latinas, it’s important we understand how much potential we have to be the change makers.”

Full article available exclusively at: www.etonline.com

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