10 November check out Selena’s interview for CR Fashion Book China

Check out some excerpts from Selena’s interview for CR Fashion Book China.

CRFashionBook: At the beginning of the year you released your third studio album “Rare”, to us it sounds like your personal diary. How did you come up with the idea of making such a very private album?
Selena: Since you mentioned it, it is interesting that the concept and story of many of the songs on the album “Rare” really comes from my diary. So when I sat down and started writing and recording this album, I felt that every song and every word was very important. Making music with others is a very private experience, especially when your music comes from your personal life. In order for me to show my true emotions more unreservedly, I chose to create with songwriters I had previously worked with. Here I would like to mention in particular Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter, who are almost my family ,who helped open up their hearts. I am proud to have put the most self in this album and have also received good reviews.

CRFashionBook: What do you want others to call you now, singer, actor, producer or philanthropist?
Selena: This question has always been difficult for me to answer. If you were to ask me which role I could get the purest pleasure from, then I would certainly say philanthropist! Im grateful that I have such a platform to change some things. Acting was a very safe comfort zone for me, and when I started acting, I found that I was very happy on the set. And making music has always been a way for me to heal myself. Especially now that my music is more about expressing my personal feelings, the effect of this healing is even more obvious. At the same time, I find it very rewarding to be involved in the production of TV shows and movies. So you see, this question is really hard for me to answer. Because every character is great, I am grateful that I can do so many powerful things in life.

CRFashionBook:  Do you think we need to say “no” to ourselves and to the outside world in this acceptance process? 
Selena: I think “no” is a very powerful word. Although we are very unwilling in our hearts, we usually say yes instead of this word. But in fact, by saying no to the negative thoughts in your heart and no to the negative energies of the outside world, it is very helpful to control your emotions.

CRFashionBook: You also collaborated with BlackPink on the single “Ice Cream”!
Selena: Yes, I really like the energy of the four of them. The collaboration with the four girls of BlackPink was interesting, but because of the epidemic we could not communicate in person. I’ve met Jisoo and Rosé on the show before, and they’re both great. So I can’t wait to see Lisa and Jennie in person. The video is also very interesting, my original style is more emotional, and BlackPink video has always been colorful. So I am very happy to be able to step into their color world.

CRFashionBook: How do you see women helping each other, understanding each other, and healthy competition?
Selena: My female friends are everything in my life. We have experienced various things together. Therefore, I hate the idea that women are naturally competitive and do not support each other. This view is because they are afraid of women getting together. Because of each other’s support, we will become omnipotent. And I have to say that even in the entertainment industry, we are all happy for what other women have achieved. Because this double victory alone is a victory for all women in the entertainment industry.

CRFashionBook: You once said, “I accept my imperfections.” Can you tell us share how you accept it?
Selena: My years are working hard to learn to accept my complexion, I might forgiving those demanding their own place. This process of self-acceptance is not easy, and now I still have moments of self-doubt and denial. Our generation have grown up in social media, it has also become an important tool for us to communicate with each other. I’m very beginning as the social media to share pictures and connect with friends platform. But then you will find that social media began to change your mind so that you begin to doubt self-worth. Now I realize that I do not value the image of the virtual network linked, it makes me relieved.

CRFashionBook: Later you opened your own beauty line Rare Beauty, how do you define it?
Selena: I like to study the art of makeup, because makeup can change a person’s appearance, change a person’s image. Two years ago I decided to create a beauty brand to change people’s perception of it. Because I think now the industry is still not enough for some of the issues discussed. We will still be subject to a lot of pressure because of the makeup, we were forced to look into the same, cosmetics are usually used to cover our flaws. But I just think those flaws is our place to celebrate. I like “rare” (rare) word, I feel it can help reduce this invisible pressure on the industry. I want to celebrate very kind you by Rare Beauty. I also hope that everyone is doing their own at the same time feel beautiful and comfortable.

CRFashionBook: You have to do a project called “Selena + Chef” cooking show, in the form of such remotely operated to implement what is difficult?
Selena: I can not say difficult, but because during the epidemic so the program will be very cumbersome. But we are also very happy to such cumbersome procedures to ensure that everyone in the room is safe. We have a very competent production team, to help us well in advance precautions. During the filming only wearing protective clothing crew came to my house to install equipment and shoot. At first I felt very unnatural, because there is no production team in the side. But then I also naturally used to it.

CRFashionBook: We heard that you’re making and starred in the drama “Only Murders In the Building”, how does it feel?
Selena: I want to work with the two comedy legends! Excitement is not enough to describe my feelings now. I’ve worked with Steve Martin and Martin Short with two open video conference, their talent is really beyond my imagination. I really can not wait to return to the studio and interact with other actors. I had worked with the movie Bill Murray, now collaborate with Steve Martin TV series and Martin Short, It was really a dream come true.

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