28 June russian music channel TNT Music about Past Life

Check out the artickle about the song “Past Life” from Russian Music Channel TNT Music. 

The collaboration between Top singers provided success to this single. Trevor Daniel presented the new version of the song “Past Life” with Selena Gomez. There’s also cute clip on the internet.
3 month ago Trevor Daniel released solo single “Past Life”. His work was remarkable because the song was produced by Finneas (Billie Eilish’s brother). Now the artist presented powerful remake of the composition with Selena Gomez.
The clip of the song imitating Instagram live chat but instead of ordinary comments theres lyrics of the track. The video spawned 1,1 million vievs on Youtube in a 1st day! If you compare views to his solo song it gathered 1,2 million views in a 3 month.

This is the 1st Selena’s song after release of 2 videos for the song “Boyfriend”. Selena shared 2 videos with real charecters and doll version. 

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