8 February check out Selena’s interview for “Most Requested Live With Romeo”

Check out new Selena’s intrview with Maxwell for “Most Requested Live With Romeo”.

On the reaction to her new album Rare:

“I was very nervous. I still don’t read anything, so I was told through some of my friends how excited people were, and I think that’s all I needed to hear. I’m just glad that people are enjoying the music, and it is a very personal record for me, and I worked so hard on it, and I just want it to be great, so I’m beyond myself that people have reacted the way that they have. It’s just been such a surprise… I wanna just pinch myself.”

On how she would describe the album:

“I just feel like it’s full of acceptance, and self-love, and empowerment, and I think you can hear that through every lyric of the record itself, and that’s all I wanted. My objective was, of course, to tell my story, but it’s not just to tell my story, it’s for people to make it their story as well, because we’ve all walked through things that haven’t been easy, and that’s what this record was meant for, for me to kind of purge out my feelings but then once it’s out, it’s meant for everyone else.”

On her new “Rare” neck tattoo:

“I believe in the word. It’s a word that’s not used as often as it should be. In a world where you’re constantly comparing yourself to people, or doing this and doing that… you are unique and rare. I think every single person forgets that because of social media and they just want more and more things to fix themselves… This word means the most to me.”

On her experience being the voice of the giraffe in the new Dolittle movie:

“It was such a sweet movie, and it’s a movie I grew up watching. Robert Downey Jr. is just incredible, and I think he was the perfect person to play [Dr. Dolittle]. The movie is just stunning, and I got to see it all put together; it’s a work of art. I’m so excited, and I hope families and people can just have a nice time where they’re smiling and just taking a step back from everything that’s going on.”

Source: mostrequestedlive.iheart.com

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