11 December: Selena launches new ‘Find Comfort Body Collection’ by Rare Beauty

Selena presents new collection of skin-care products by Rare Beauty – ‘Find Comfort Body Collection’, which contains: Body & Hair Fragrance Mist, Hydrating Body Lotion, Hydrating Hand Cream, and an Aromatherapy Pen. 
The collection launching globally on December 26, or you can shop it early only on the Sephora mobile app on December 18.

Find out more: www.rarebeauty.com

‘I’ve always believed self-comfort is feeling good in your own skin. No pressure for perfect self-care regimens that often feel like an endless cycle of self-improvement; it’s the tiny moments of comfort that go a long way—and look different for each of us.
To me, being rare is about being comfortable with who you are. It’s about accepting yourself. Loving yourself. Being there for yourself so you can be there for the ones you love.
This inspired me to create my new @rarebeauty Find Comfort Body Collection, body care that helps you feel good in your skin (and smells amazing too). I hope you find comfort in this collection – whatever that looks like for you, because you deserve it. ❤️’ – Selena about her new Rare Beauty collection.

All pics: gallery.armyofselenagomez.com

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