11 October: Selena looks gorgeous as she poses in her new Rare Beauty office

Selena Gomez looks super gorgeous as she poses at her new, redesigned Rare Beauty office for a photoshoot for Architectural Digest.

“The first time I saw my new office completed I was blown away. I’ve never had an office in my life and something about seeing it made what we’ve been working on for so long feel very real.” – Selena about her Rare Beauty office

“We’ve hosted everything from breath work and meditation to stretch classes and even a succulent class to encourage employees to step away from their desks for a mental break,” Gomez shares, emphasizing that these group gatherings will just keep growing. “We’ve hosted one surprise community event in the new space, but we’re excited to welcome more community into our office very soon.”

Source: www.architecturaldigest.com

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