6 May: Selena wins ‘Verywell Mind 25’ Award for her contribution & activism on the mental health subject

Selena appears among other champions who making a difference in mental health, as she wins the ‘Verywell Mind 25’ award, offered by one of the largest mental health communities in the world, for her contribution & activism in the discussion on the mental health subject on social platforms!

“In 2022, she released a documentary, “My Mind & Me” around her mental health conditions and co-founded a mental fitness organization called Wondermind. Since the time before conversations around mental health became more common and less stigmatized, Gomez has opted to use her enormous platform to share equally enormous truths. And through Wondermind, she’s continuing to improve the discourse around mental health beyond her own story. More than just a pet project, Wondermind has already become a major player in the world of online mental health guidance.”

Source and complete list of winners: www.verywellmind.com

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