Help SG Fans For Change to raise money to help people get clean water

Help Selenators to raise money to help people get clean water Donate

“We learned from Selena giving back, right? So, we found out about Generosity through her and now it’s our time to help them. 748 million of us are living without access to clean water right now. That’s 1 in 9 people. I’m not ok with that. That’s why I’m taking action to change it. Access to clean water gives a us the opportunity to live a healthy and productive life, ultimately giving us the ability to have a better future.

The time women once spent collecting water can now be spent earning a living. Time time kids once spent in hospital beds can now be spent gaining an education and bringing positive change to their community. The time once spent surviving can now be spent dreaming, growing, and thriving because water is life.

Let’s do this!! Whatever you can give – whether it’s $500, $100, $50, or $5 – let’s take action together to make sure we all have access to clean water. If you can donate by yourself, ask for help, tell your friends and family about the cause, and then they can help you

P.S. Once our well is complete, will show us the exact community we partnered with. Can’t wait to share our impact with you =)”

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