15 February the goat in Norfolk, UK was named after Selena!

The goat in Norfolk, UK was named after Selena, check out the article below.

She has become a world-famous music and acting star, and now Selena Gomez can add a new feather to her cap – a Norfolk goat has been named in her honour.

The visitor site Wroxham Barns has recently acquired the female Boer goat, which is due to give birth to twins in a couple of weeks.

Ben Marshall, general manager, said that after asking for ideas on social media, the name Selena Goatmez was chosen for the new arrival.

Mr Marshall said: “We all need a little chuckle to keep our spirits lifted and we loved looking at the hundreds of name suggestions for our new goat, but this one stood out and made us laugh.

“We thought adding Selena Goatmez would work perfectly as her paddock is opposite Ant and Dec the alpacas who joined us a year ago, and are somewhat local celebrities with everyone wanting an Ant and Dec selfie.

“Selena is very vocal when it comes to feeding time, so we knew this was the perfect name for her.”

Source: www.edp24.co.uk

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