Stars Dance

1. Birthday
2. Slow Down Single
3. Stars Dance
4. Like a Champion
5. Come & Get It Single
6. Forget Forever
7. Save the Day
8. B.E.A.T.
9. Write Your Name
10. Undercover
11. Love Will Remember
12. Nobody Does It Like You (iTunes Bonus)
13. Music Feels Better (iTunes Bonus)
14. Lover in Me (Deluxe Album)
15. I Like It That Way (Deluxe Album)

Album Review:

After a little break and shooting in a couple of movies, Selena decided to get back to music and rock all the charts. Selena finally grew up, and her music matured along with her, the new album doesnt include her band “The Scene” anymore. At this time, Gomez invited all producers which took part in the making of the record by herself.

As previous 3 records, new album, which was titled Stars Dance, Selena devoted to her fans, she said that new music was more personal and new songs, better expressing her feelings.

The album was released in the end of July on Selena’s 21st birthday, in the middle of July’s summer heat. Stars Dance debuted at number one spot in the most authoritative chart in the world “Billboard Hot 200”, overtaking new Jay-Z’s album which was released the same week and were competed for #1 spot, Stars Dance became most successful in Selena’s career at the moment.

Release Date:

July 22, 2013


Electro-pop, Pop, Dabstep

Producers, Writers:

Mitch Allan, Dreamlab, Rock Mafia, The Cataracs, Stargate, The Monsters and the Strangerz, Toby Gad, Mike Del Rio, Freddy Wexler, Jai Marlon, Jason Evigan, David Kuncio, JMIKE, Ammo, Dubkiller


45:25 (iTunes Bonus)
53:05 (Deluxe Edition)


Hollywood Records

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