Kiss & Tell

1. Kiss & Tell
2. I Won’t Apologize
3. Falling Down Single
4. I Promise You
5. Crush
6. Naturally Single
7. The Way I Loved You
8. More
9. As a Blonde
10. I Don’t Miss You At All
11. Stop & Erase
12. I Got U
13. Tell Me Something I Don’t Know Single

Album Review:

Debut album by Disney Channel’s princess Selena Gomez.

Kiss & Tell has been recorded in 2008, when Selena was only 16, by the way Selena dreamed to become a singer from her childhood and in 2008, she signed the record deal with the label Hollywood Records. On the album Kiss & Tell has been working a few famous producers as Toby Gad, Super Spy and Tim James. The record was made in pop rock, electro-pop styles, the songs are very attractive, energetic and fun, Selena’s vocal is loud and expressive. Kiss & Tell is full of sparkly, fresh and youth hits.

“In general, I wanted to make music which will be fun and everybody could jump around to it with their girlfriends” – Selena Gomez

Selena said that in some tracks she plays music instruments by herself. Also, she fully wrote the song “I Won’t Apologize” which is devoted to her ex Nick Jonas. The album was released on 9th September 2009, Selenators was ready to support Selena and buy the album, in the first week of sales Selena’s debut album sold over 66000 copies. Kiss & Tell debuted from 9th place in Billboard Hot 200. In March 2010 the album became gold in the US, Canada and Argentina. Kiss & Tell had 2 singles, first was Falling Down which was not much successful, the song peaked only at #82 on Billboard Hot 100, but the second single “Naturally”, which was released on 11th December 2009, became Selena’s break out. Kiss & Tell turned Selena from a young star playing in Wizards of Waverly Place into a pop rock princess.

Release Date:

September 29, 2009


Pop rock, Teen pop

Producers, Writers:

Vocals: Selena Gomez
Background vocals: Selena Gomez, Lindy Robbins, Gina Schock, Fefe Dobson, Char Licera, Katia Zuccarelli
Guitar: John Fields, Greg Johnston, Jimmy Messer, Tim Pierce, Isaac Hasson
Bass: John Fields, Sean Hurley, Isaac Hasson
Keyboards: John Fields, Isaac Hasson, Benjamin Dherbecourt, Mher Filian
Drums: John Fields, Dorian Crozier, Josh Freese
Beats: Mher Filian
Producer: John Fields, Matthew Wilder, Rob Wells, Toby Gad, Trey Vittetoe, Devrim Karaoglu, Antonina Armato, Benjamin Dherbecourt
Engineer: John Fields, Matthew Wilder, Rob Wells, Trey Vittetoe, Chris Anderson, Adam Comstock, Steve Hammons, Luke Tozour
Mixing: John Fields, Matthew Wilder, Toby Gad, Chris Anderson, Clif Norrell, Paul Palmer, Paul David Hager
Programming: John Fields, Rob Wells, Toby Gad
Instrumentation: Matthew Wilder, Rob Wells, Toby Gad, Trey Vittetoe
Vocal producer: Rob Wells, Shelly Peiken
Drum engineering: Ghian Wright
Arranger: Toby Gad
Assistant engineer: Dorian Crozier
Mastering: Robert Vosgien
A&R: Cindy Warden, Jon Lind
Creative director: David Snow
Design: Nick Steinhardt
Art direction: Jeri Heiden




Hollywood Records