A Year Without Rain

The album A Year Without Rain in the second studio album by Selena Gomez & The Scene.

It got little more successful than Kiss & Tell and started from 4th place in Billboard Hot 200 chart, the album was recored in Europe while Selena was shooting her new movie Monte Carlo, Selena wanted to release new album quickly and released A Year Without Rain in one year after Kiss & Tell.

Thirteen new songs of which the last 3 ones only in Deluxe edition of the album its Round & Round Remix from famous Dave Aude and also Spanish and classical versions of the song A Year Without Rain. In the recording of the album took part Katy Perry and Red One.

Sound of the album was so different from the debut record — it was in dance style.

In February’s interview for MTV News Selena said “It’s kind of different — older — and it’s kind of got, like, a reggae sound.” When Selena was asked “Does the song Round & Round similar to others songs on the album” she answered “Yes and No I mean Round & Round little bit similar to the rest of the songs which we recorded, but from other side few songs so different from it. In that song your can find special sound — more soft and subtle sounds. The other songs, opposite, impregnated by rock sound”.

The lyrics primarily touches the subjects of love, freedom and joy of life.

Track Intuition about decisions, which can be predicted and about setuations when you think “I should not do so” but In spite of this somehow still doing exactly so. “I like so much the theme of that song” — says Selena.

In July during interview on radiostation Z100 Selena told that lyrics and music of Rock God was writted by Katy Perry, which gave the song Selena and band The Scene and agreed to join them.


September 17, 2010 — US


Dance-pop, Electropop, Synthpop


Toby Gad,
Rock Mafia,
Kevin Rudolf,
Andrew Bolooki,
Jeff Halavacs,
Jonas Jeberg,
Adam Anders,
Matt Squire,
Peer Åström




Hollywood Records

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