The Dead Don’t Die

In a small town called Centreville two police officers – Chief Cliff Robertson (Bill Murray), and Officer Ronnie Petersen (Adam Driver) – are responding to a call about a stolen chicken.
Farmer Frank Miller (Steve Buscemi) reported the missing chicken and his belief that Hermit Bob (Tom Waits) is the thief.
Officers Cliff and Ronnie confront Hermit Bob in the forest he lives in. Bob shoots a warning shot at the officers to leave him be. Ronnie asks Cliff if they should take him in, but Cliff says no and the two leave.
In the patrol car, Cliff tells Ronnie that he has known Hermit Bob since they were young and Bob has never done anything to harm anyone. He also states he thinks it’s unlikely that Bob was the one to take the chicken. The two discuss how the sun is still bright in the sky despite it being after eight at night. The police radio cuts out while they are talking to Officer Mindy Morrison (Chloë Sevigny) who is back at the station. Ronnie’s cell phone and watch have also stopped working.
Ronnie tells Cliff that “this isn’t going to end well,” which is something he continues to repeat frequently throughout the film. Officer Ronnie turns on the regular radio in the car to the song ‘The Dead Don’t Die’ by Sturgill Simpson. When Cliff asks Ronnie why he loves the song so much, he replies that it’s because it’s the theme song of the movie – the first of many fourth-wall breaks in the movie.

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Release Date

14 June 2019 – US

Directed by

Jim Jarmusch

Produced by

Joshua Astrachan, Frederick W. Green, Norio Hatano, Carter Logan

Production companys

Kill the Head


Comedy, horror