Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard

Arthur is thrilled. Tonight sees the end of the moon’s tenth cycle and he will at last be able to return to the land of the Minamoys and be reunited with Selenia. But Arthur’s father chooses the eagerly awaited day to announce that the family is cutting short their vacation at Granny’s house to return to the city. As they are about to leave, a spider deposits a grain of rice with an SOS engraved on it in Arthur’s hand. Selenia is in danger….and Arthur doesn’t think twice about flying to her rescue. Even if it does mean improvising a perilous passage, falling head first into Max’s bar; bumping into the troops of Krob, the new tyrant of the Seven Kingdoms; saving Betameche’s skin; fighting rats, frogs and hairy spiders…only to discover, when he arrives at the Minimoy village, that they never sent him a call for help! Who is responsible for laying such a cunning trap for our young hero Arthur?

IMDb Rate


Release Date

26 November 2009 – Worldwide

Directed by

Luc Besson

Written by

Luc Besson, Céline Garcia, based on “Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazard” by Luc Besson

Produced by

Luc Besson, Emmanuel Prévost

Production companys

EuropaCorp, Apipoulaï, Avalanche Productions, Nafia Entertainment Group


Adventure, Comedy, Family, Fantasy

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