15 December RollingStone calls Ice Cream as The Best Pop Collaboration of 2020 & Selena as The reigning pop princess

Authoritative music magazine RollingStone calls the song Ice Cream as one the “Best Pop Collaborations of 2020” & Selena as “The reigning pop princess”

“In August, Blackpink recruited none other than Selena Gomez for “Ice Cream,” an infectious, summery bop that became an instant hit on the girl group’s debut LP, The Album — and a new fave for the fandom. While Blackpink have stormed the charts with their brand of in-your-face lyrics and aggressive, beat-heavy bangers, “Ice Cream” showcased a softer, more subtle side to the group, with playful double entendres riding a relaxed, head-nodding groove. The girls’ voices trade off perfectly with Gomez’s, equally coy and seductive, while holding their own with the reigning pop princess. Blackpink have never needed anyone’s stamp of approval to find success, but having a Gaga and Gomez co-sign in the same year went a long way towards exposing the group to a larger audience. “Ice Cream” on its own was a delectable mashup of breezy hip-hop and bubblegum hooks — putting Gomez on the track with one of the biggest girl groups in the world, made it even sweeter”

Source: www.rollingstone.com

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