12 August check out Selena’s interview about “Selena + Chef” for “The Lede” and watch the exclusive clip from the show

Check out Selena’s interview about “Selena + Chef” by Bill Harris for “The Lede”.

“From Octopus, to Boyfriends, to Odd Restaurant Choices, Everything’s on the Table in SELENA + CHEF”

“The most challenging, probably, was the octopus, just because I really, really didn’t like that,” Gomez said. “It was a whole process that I’m okay never doing again in my life.”
Chef Antonia Lofaso chimed in, “The octopus loves you.”

The idea for SELENA + CHEF came about in a very straight-forward way: Just like millions of others around the world, Gomez – the now 28-year-old American actress, singer, and producer who has been famous since her pre-teens – was stuck at home during the pandemic. She decided this would be the perfect time to try and improve her cooking skills, because as she explained, “I love cooking, I just don’t know how to do it all the time.”

There are also some amusing asides when the conversation drifts away from cooking. At one point in the first episode, Ludo comments, “I can judge a good cook by the way they cook eggs.” Gomez replies, “Yeah? Tell me how to find a good boyfriend. What’s the good judge there?”
Ludo, who is from France, goes on to explain that he wouldn’t recommend French people to Gomez, because “we’re too crazy.”

“As much as I enjoy my position, I definitely try to keep more of a private life,” Gomez said. “But this was different for me. I was actually really excited, because I had just moved into my home (in the Los Angeles area). That’s my new kitchen in the show. Basically I hadn’t officially moved in yet, and it just didn’t feel like my home yet, so I felt very comfortable. And yeah, I think fans … well, I can post a picture of the ground, and my fans will try to dissect what that meant. So that’s going to happen, no matter what.” – Selena

“You know, it’s hard for me to cook pasta now, because I know what real pasta should taste like,” the Texas native said. “Y’all spoiled me, basically.” – Selena

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Watch the exclusive clip the Selena + Chef 

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