12 April Selena’s mom Mandy talks how does it feel to share Selena with the world in interview with The Newsette

Selena’s mom Mandy talks with “The Newsette” about “How it feels to share Selena with the whole world” read the interview below.

Is it hard “sharing” Selena with the world, and having the entire planet love your daughter along with you?

It’s amazing and it makes me so proud, but fame can be hard, so I’d say it’s a little bit of both. To me, Selena is just my daughter! When you live in Hollywood, you’re in your own world. You don’t think about someone in Wisconsin knowing all your business, you know? So I want to defend her always and protect her always… At the same time, I can’t change anybody’s mind on social media, because social media is crazy! [Laughing.] So I try to stay in my lane, and stay off Instagram. Focus on the real stuff.

You have two daughters. How does being a mom affect the way you discuss mental health?

I try to be as honest as possible with them in terms of what I went through. I don’t want either of them to think I was “perfect,” and they have to live up to some ideal. I’m open with them. I say, “This is what’s going on with me, and it’s a health issue.” The same way that if you have cancer, you’re not ashamed of saying, “I have cancer and here’s how I’m going to beat it.” It’s the same with mental health. I want them to come to me with those issues so I can be supportive, and I want them to know that naming those issues doesn’t mean you’re weak, it actually means you’re strong!

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