16 October: Aaron Dominguez says that Selena is so kind and caring and also very competitive!

In the new interview for Schon! Magazine Aaron Dominguez, the actor who plays Oscar in Only Murders In The Building, talks about how he met Selena for the 1st time and reveals that Selena is so kind and caring and also very competitive!

“Funny story: The first time Selena and I hung out to run lines, a nasty snowstorm hit and I got snowed in. It was the perfect way to create a bond as the time during the storm was filled with scene work and board games we played with her friends. I found out very quickly how competitive she is, and also how kind and caring she can be.” – Aaron

“And then you have Selena, who’s been at it since she was a child, and is still having massive success in different areas of her life; that’s also by design. I mean have you seen Wizards of Waverly Place? Her comedic timing in that is brilliant and at such a young age. I just tried to be a sponge every time I got to work.” – Aaron

“When it came to dealing with it on the spot, I more so tried to be there for Selena in any which way that I could because she draws a lot of attention. It was kind of tough trying to work and stay focused when paparazzi are yelling at you and are all up in your face snapping away, which happened often when we shot in the city. She’s a pro, though. But like I said, at the end of the day I smile, give a wink and keep it moving.” – Aaron

Source: schonmagazine.com

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