11 May @rarebeauty on IGTV: @selenagomez x @alissa.ashley #InMyPrime Campaign

@rarebeauty on IGTV: @selenagomez x @alissa.ashley #InMyPrime Campaign

“In celebration of our new Always an Optimist Pore Diffusing Primer, I’m so excited to share our In My Prime campaign with you. We partnered with talented content creator and photographer @alissa.ashley to showcase creatives in their prime—doing what they love, and looking their best because they’re feeling their best. Because being in your prime is all about how you feel, not how you look. I hope you enjoy these stunning images as much as I do.” – @selenagomez

Before YouTube, @alissa.ashley started her career behind the makeup counter. Now, not only is she known for her stunning looks, but also for promoting individuality and her ever-encouraging words.

As a photographer, she consistently takes an artistic approach to her work. Her images push the boundaries by capturing her subjects’ confidence and strength. Her love and beauty echoes throughout her work. ❤️

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