5 April Selena talks about creating Revelacion & NOT planning to retire from music in the new interview with Taiwanese source “ETtoday”

In the new interview for Taiwanese source “ETtoday”, Selena opened up about working with DJ Snake, creating Revelacion and NOT planning to retire from music anytime soon! 

Selena Gomez, the young American queen, made her debut at the age of 10. She has a colorful entertainment life, but she has become melancholy for a while, and she has also undergone a period of precipitation. Selena recently released a new EP “Liberation/Revelación”. She accepted a joint interview with the Taiwanese media and clarified the news that she would “retire from the music scene.” However, Selena also frankly said: “Growing up in full view is a piece of cake. Something embarrassing.”

Q1: Your new EP “Revelación” uses bright red as the main visual. Is there any meaning behind this design?

Selena: Red is one of the most powerful colors. If you think about it carefully, red can actually represent a lot of extreme feelings, such as love, anger, heat, and so on. The use of bright red this time is to express “confidence” and “power of tenacity.”

Q2: How was the process of making this EP this time? Is there an interesting story or a particularly difficult place?

Selena: The most difficult part for me is the process of recording the EP. We were only preparing to start recording before the epidemic broke out. As a result, everyone was asked to prevent the epidemic at home and could no longer enter the recording studio. I actually like to be in the recording studio and interact directly with the musicians I work with, so I don’t like to use the ZOOM online meeting to discuss; and sometimes I have no inspiration, I have canceled several recordings. Although I finally overcome this incident, it was not easy for me at the beginning.

I think the most interesting part of this work is to be able to create beautiful visuals and MVs for this EP together. I am very excited and excited to see the final product, and I hope that these visuals can perfectly show me that I am proud of. Of Latin descent.

Q3: This time you and DJ Snake collaborated on the song “Selfish Love” for the second time. How do you feel about the second collaboration? Are there any interesting stories to share with us?

Selena: Actually, before we collaborated with DJ Snake on “Taki Taki” for the first time, we have been discussing various possibilities for cooperation, and because of the previous cooperation, the process of cooperating with “Selfish Love” this time feels smoother and more accustomed. Up. Following on from the previous question, because there is no way to record together in the studio as originally planned, even when recording the MV, I have to be separated from him because of the TV show, I am in New York. Finished shooting part of me. I like working with him very much, and I hope that we can work together face to face next time.

Q4: “De Una Vez” is a song about accepting and letting go of all the past experiences. When creating this song, what was the biggest change in your mood?

Selena: “De Una Vez” is a very beautiful song. I really like the message in the song. We will experience frustration and pain in different experiences, and even leave scars, but this also allows us to grow and learn to heal wounds. The music I have written in recent years has been very private, and I also found that the more I can honestly expose myself, it is actually a process of healing and growth. I hope these works can help everyone who hears understand that you are not alone.

Q5: We know that you have been away from social media for three years. What do you think about disabling social media? Does it have a positive impact on your life?

Selena: It has a very positive effect for me! It not only reduces my anxiety, but also allows me to enjoy the moment with my relatives, friends and family. I will no longer miss everything that happens in front of me because of sticking to my phone all the time. I very much hope that after a year when the world has been shut down due to the raging epidemic, everyone can learn to cherish the importance of actual communication and every relationship between people, instead of just caring about things on mobile phones or computers.

Q6: Many people feel uncomfortable psychologically, how do you keep yourself in a better state?

Selena: I know that this year has been uncomfortable for many people, especially those who have suffered from mental health problems before the epidemic. First of all, I think we must have the recognition that people will feel sad or unmotivated more or less, and there is no problem with these negative feelings. There is no need to criticize ourselves in these low ebb days. This question is a bit difficult to answer because it will vary depending on what you are going through or how you feel. When I am sad, I usually contact my friends. They always know how to encourage me, pull me out of depression and make me laugh.

Q7: Over the years, we have seen you go from a teenage idol to an inspiring and admirable young woman. How do you think this new work reflects your current state of life?

Selena: It is embarrassing to grow up in full view. The music I have composed in the past seven years truly reflects every stage of my life, and I hope you can see my growth and evolution through these works. Now I’m at a very interesting stage. I have always put the core of my creation on a more serious and reflective level, but now I’m completely ready to enjoy “playing” music. It’s time to relax. Up!

Q8: Ever since you were a young girl, you have become a world-renowned super idol. Have you ever regretted embarking on the road to fame? What is the most important thing you have sacrificed for this?

Selena: I think if there is a chance to change certain decisions in life, everyone will be lost in thought; but I have to say that I have no regrets. I don’t like to look back on my life journey from the perspective of “what I may have lost”, because even when I am frustrated, I always remind myself how lucky I am to do what I love, create my favorite music, and have A platform allows me to use my power and voice to make a different contribution to the world.

Q9: In your recent interview, we were surprised to learn that you have considered not making music anymore, because you think that people are not taking your music seriously. Would you like to explain more about this? Because music should be the closest and the best way to express ourselves, we really hope that we can continue to listen to your music.

Selena: I have no plans to stop making music. For me, “creating” is my happiest time, whether it’s creating music, interpreting new characters, or participating in TV or film production, etc. This is the motivation that constantly drives me forward, and I can’t imagine the day at the end, I still have too many things to accomplish!

Q10: You have so many diehard fans in Taiwan! Do you have anything to say to fans in Taiwan? Have you heard anything about Taiwan or have been to Taiwan before?

Selena: I love my Taiwanese fans! Please be aware that even if we are thousands of miles apart, I can still feel your love and support. I have heard that there are many very enthusiastic and warm people in Taiwan. I have also heard that there are many beautiful mountains, hot springs and beaches, and of course there are endless food! I can’t wait to go to Taiwan, I love you!

Source: star.ettoday.net

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