Dream Out Loud

Wear It Own It Live It Dream It

Dream Out Loud is Selena Gomez’s clothing line for anyone who wants to express their personality with great fashion and love to Dream Loud.

The DOL collection  is full of fun and juicy colors, comfortable and trendy clothes from eco-friendly materials.

Line features dresses, skirts, shorts, tops, jackets, scarves and hats and expresses Selena’s personal style and what she likes to wear.

Dream Out Loud spring 2010 collection
Dream Out Loud spring 2010 collection

Selena is young and totally new in fashion business so she worked along with two experienced designers. Tony Melillo – very talented designer, former of Generra designer and owner of personal clothing brand and Sandra Campos – clothing expert who has spent about 20 years in the business and worked at brands such as Nautica and Polo Ralph Lauren. They helped Gomez to create the ideas and solve some tasks.

“She has such a good sense of what she likes and what she doesn’t like,” said Melillo, “It was surprising as I’ve never worked with someone so young, and never really expected her to be that smart. She has a desire to be involved, and nothing is sent out there without her approval. It’s nice to see her have this genuine interest.”

Selena tells “Growing up in Texas, I was sort of close-minded and kind of a tomboy, but as I’ve traveled, I found such a love of clothes, it’s really always been a dream of mine to have a line.” she describes her clothing and style as pretty, feminine, and bohemian and also she says that the inspiration for making her clothing line was her fans.

Dream Out Loud hit the stores fall 2010, manufactured by, Melillo and Campos teamed with Adjmi Apparel Group, selling exclusively at Kmart.

Selena had so much fun making photoshoot for Dream Out Loud in Hungary.

Selena’s clothes

Selena’s style is fresh, young and simple she loves fashion and she’s not afraid of mix clothes, she loves wear scarves and short shorts with tank tops, she loves wear girly dresses with boots Selena says “Its fun, I wanna feel comfortable in what I wear.”

Dream Out Loud Commercials

Sneak peek from photo shoot for Selena’s 1st Dream Out Loud collection.

Selena loves you like a love song in the new 2011 fall Dream Out Loud commercials.

Selena going on the road trip on a retro hot rod in the new Dream Out Loud 2012 commercials.

Selena walks around the city in the new commercials for her back to school Dream Out Loud 2013 collection.

Selena rocks demin short shorts in the new Dream Out Loud spring 2014 commercials.

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